Artist Statement

Artist Statement June 2015

This quote from Julia Cameron’s book has inspired me:

Those who speak in spiritual terms routinely refer to God as the creator, but seldom see creator as a literal term for artist. I suggest we take the term creator quite literally, seeking to forge a creative alliance, artist to artist, with the Great Creator.

When I am in the creative zone I reach my inner sanctum. This is my place for contemplation and while there I experience an occasional epiphany. Creating art is sacred for me.

I choose to combine visual imagery from nature and subject matter from legends and ancient images. In an attempt to be conscious of the fragility of our world I attempt to use recycled materials and natural materials when ever possible as part of the components in my works. Like Carl Jung, I am heavily influenced by dreams that represent the collective unconscious of humanity. I agree with some of his ideas which included embracing mythologies, so we “can understand ghosts, become comfortable with the dead, and heal our mental illnesses.”

My personal journey, including spiritual growth and self-exploration, has led me choose subjects that I hope will address the human condition. I feel that humanity has far more in common than in difference. I attempt to demonstrate the connection and bond that unites us through the concepts and subjects I portray in my works. Sometimes my subjects are rendered with parody in mind to suggest the follies that human beings seem to repeat. At other times my subjects are a mirror for what I see as beautiful and sublime.